Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Heavy gauge thermoforming is a manufacturing process that allows a flat piece of plastic to be molded into a custom shape. The heavy gauge thermoforming process uses heat and vacuum to form the flat plastic sheet into a fully customizable shape. Heavy gauge thermoforming consists of forming plastics that are .060” to .5” thick, compared to thin gauge thermoforming, that forms plastic sheets .060” and less.

Heavy gauge thermoforming not only uses heat and vacuum, but also uses molds to form the plastic. The molds are custom designed using CAD software by our engineers to fit each individual customers needs or product specifications. Once the mold is 100% accurate to the product design, it is then placed into the thermoforming machine where parts can be thermoformed from the type of plastic that suits the product’s application.

Vacuum Forming in Thermoforming

Vacuum forming is the process where a heated sheet of plastic is stretched over a male or female mold and a vacuum is applied between the mold and the sheet. The vacuum pulls the heated plastic sheet tight to the mold. Once the plastic sheet cools, the plastic will now retain the shape of the mold.

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming Applications

Heavy gauge thermoforming can be used in just about any industry. The majority of our clients who use heavy gauge thermoforming are in the appliance, heavy truck and contruction equipment and automotive industries. However, if your product calls for a heavy gauge plastic thermoformed application, Owings Patterns can take your design from prototype to production faster, with our TruRapid Solution.

  • Bezels
  • Enclosures
  • Protective Guards and Shrouds
  • Custom Dunnage
  • Liners for Appliances
  • Interior Cab Components – Dash Panels & Consoles

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plastic thermoformed bezel

Thermoformed Dash Bezels for Construction Equipment

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Thermoformed Refrigerator Insert 

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