Plastic Design and Engineering

Have an idea for a product or have a product design but a tight budget? Owings Patterns in-house engineers can take your product from concept design, to prototype, to final production, all in-house. We work with our clients closely to make sure their CAD designs and products are 100% accurate and within budget.

From Concept to Production Faster

Our engineers can take a sketch on a napkin and turn it into a 3D design and on to production. We can also fine-tune your current drawings and work with your team to make your product even better. Once your CAD design is ready for production, our team will start machining the tooling for your product. Depending on your product, we can machine your tooling out of wood, composites or aluminum. Upon approval we can begin thermoforming your product. We can usually take a product from concept to production in as little as four weeks.

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Let Owings Patterns more than 40 years experience work for you. We provide our customers 100% accurate products the first time. We offer simple solutions for complex problems. Let us do all the hard work so you can continue to work on what is important, growing your business. Please call or fill out the contact us form and let us help you with your packaging needs. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Why Choose Us

Our Product is Accuracy. We offer our clients support from prototype to production.
We provide our clients with 100% accurate products the first time. No need for wasted time and money.
Our clients love our thermoforming support. We can glue, seal and trim your thermoformed product all in-house.
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An in-house engineer creating a CAD Design for a Plastic Product

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If you have any questions about thermoforming, our team would love to help you answer them.
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