Food & Beverage Plastic Design

Owings Patterns offers a full line of thermoforming solutions for the food and beverage industry. Plastic is an ideal solution when products have to be sterilized, sanitized and corrosion resistant. Plastic can also be heated and cooled throughout its life cycle and never loose its integrity or affect the way food taste.The wine and spirit industry rely on thermoformed clamshell packaging to protect their product. The beverage industry also uses custom thermoformed clamshells for promotional products and marketing purposes. For example, a distillery wants to give their clients two shot glasses with the purchase of a bottle of spirits. Owings Patterns can custom design and thermoform a clamshell package that allows all the products to be incorporated in one package. The packages are typically clear plastic which allow the item to stand out from other products at the point of purchase.

Owings Patterns can custom design and thermoform your food or beverage product in-house, andĀ our engineers can help determine the best possible solution for your company. We have the knowledge to help you choose the proper material for your product and the most cost effective way of building it. Our clients put a lot of trust in our 40 years of experience in the plastic design and thermoforming industry and you can too.

Our Product is Accuracy. We offer our clients support from prototype to production.
We provide our clients with 100% accurate products the first time. No need for wasted time and money.
Our clients love our thermoforming support. We can glue, seal and trim your thermoformed product all in-house.

Completed Thermoformed Beverage Dispenser


ThermoformedĀ Soda Machine Plastic Covers

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