Benches & Seats for Mass Transit

From custom made seat backs on an airplane, to thermoformed seats on a subway, Owings Patterns can design a product around your specific needs. In the mass transit industry space, weight and cost are extremely important factors. Using thermoformed plastic is the answer.

Mass Transit Thermoforming

Plastic is lighter weight compared to other fiberglass options. The weight savings can equate to fuel savings and higher profits.

Mass transit companies are budget conscious and are always looking for ways to cut costs. Thermoformed plastics are a great way to save money. Fiberglass manufacturing is usually labor intensive compared to thermoforming plastic. Fiberglass usually requires a few tools and many hands to create one product. Thermoforming is an automated process and usually only requires a one time tooling setup. This saves money on tooling and labor.

Another benefit of the one time tooling design in thermoforming is lead times. Once the tooling is machined, we can start producing parts right away. Your tooling can be stored for later production runs as well.

Thermoformed plastic is also durable and reliable. It can withstand day to day use, can be easily cleaned and resist corrosion.

Whether your redesigning your fleet or creating an entirely new product, contact Owings Patterns and let our 40 years of thermoforming experience work for you.

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