Medical Packaging Thermoforming

Whether your medical packaging has to be sterilized or you need a prototype for your medical diagnostic equipment, Owings Patterns can design, thermoform and produce your product all in-house. Creating everything in-house allows us to keep our prices down and our customers under budget.

Thermoforming Medical Equipment

A majority of medical diagnostic equipment is manufactured from thermoformed plastics. MRI and X-Ray machines have enclosures and covers that protect the machines internal electrical and mechanical structures. The thermoformed parts not only give the medical component protection, but they also give the machine its aesthetic appeal. The thermoformed parts can be designed to make the product look pleasing to the eye.

Thermoforming in the Medical Industry

Thermoforming is a cost effective way to produce large or small enclosures for medical components. Owings Patterns supplies our clients with low cost tooling on their thermoforming projects. Thermoforming also allows shorter time from concept to completion and can get you to market faster. Our engineers can guide you every step of the way. From design to production, Owings Patterns has the solution for you.
Our Product is Accuracy. We offer our clients support from prototype to production.
We provide our clients with 100% accurate products the first time. No need for wasted time and money.
Our clients love our thermoforming support. We can glue, seal and trim your thermoformed product all in-house.
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plastic thermoformed medical housing

Thermoformed Plastic Housing for MRI

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