Plastic Thermoformed Body Panels

Modern Plastics are durable, thick and stand up to the weather better than any other material. Thermoformed plastics can withstand sun, wind, rain and mud without ever deteriorating. They can also be easily cleaned. We can thermoform plastic with metal brackets attached for support of fenders or body panels on any ATV, motorcycle or side by side.

Why use Thermoforming

Compared to other forming industries, thermoforming is used more because of its cost effectiveness, ease of design and tooling and speed of prototype to production. Owings Patterns has designed and thermoformed dash bezels, shower and bath fixtures, and numerous other interior and exterior parts for big name boat, RV manufacturers and PowerSports providers.

Working with Owings Patterns

Our team works closely with the design engineers from our recreational clients. Whether they come to us with a CAD drawing or just an idea, we thoroughly examine every aspect of the project design to ensure that the client is going to receive a thermoformed part that is 100% accurate. After our team has the CAD drawings exact, we move on to developing the tooling for a prototype or a production mold that can get you to market faster.

Once the mold is created, we can start producing your product. We can accommodate your needs for any number of products you may need. For prototype products we can do a short run, small output or a final run, high output production. We also have a long list of secondary services we provide our clients.

Secondary services can include CNC trimming of thermoformed products, gluing and final assembly. Owings Patterns can handle all of your needs in-house.

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  • Fenders
  • Gas Tanks
  • Headlight Bezels
  • Complete Body Panels
  • Bumper Guards
  • Dash Panel
  • Brake Guards
  • Roof Panels
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