Whether you have precisely
developed CAD renderings
or just a concept sketched
onto a napkin, we thoroughly
analyze the project to ensure
the finished product will be
exactly what you need.

Our engineers work directly
with our customers, beginning
with the project design. We
address issues like CAD refining
using front-end technology such
as software from Solidworks.

Depending on project needs,
we can create prototype or
production molds that will help
you get to market faster with
a superior plastic product.

Our product is precision:
if at any point we discover
an issue with the mold or
the CAD formula, we make
real-time adjustments to
ensure that our solution is
of the highest quality.

We have the capacity to
manufacture short-run
specialty or prototype
items, or larger, final
production runs. We also
have a full catalog of
supplemental fabrication
equipment for trimming,
gluing, and final assembly.

After the project is complete,
we evaluate our process
and ask for your feedback.
At your request, we’ll even
improve outdated designs
to increase product efficiency
or protect against impending

From CAD formulas to the tooling on the production floor, when our cross-trained engineers see the possibility to improve, they refine until a product is perfectly accurate. Our engineers escort your product through the entire production process because they are as trained on the bench as they are in engineering.

  • It has to be right the first time. There is no second chances
  • A testable prototype is needed as proof of concept.
  • Problems in the project time line create a greater risk than just time loss.
  • Efficient product design and development would accelerate the speed to market.
  • Surprises are unacceptable.
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