Custom Thermoformed Appliance Liner


Project Description

5 axis CNC Trimming, In-House Design, Fabrication, Thermoforming, Tooling


When a name brand refrigerator manufacturer needed to test, refine and overcome design limitations for their latest refrigerator liner, they turned to Owings Patterns.


We brought their engineers to our facility and together we developed a prototype liner and mock pneumatics. This allowed them to not only capitalize on the unique skill set of Owings Patterns, but to also lower the overall cost of production on a difficult manufacturing problem. By involving our expert engineers throughout the entire process, we were able to reach the client’s time to market in two weeks, and lower the overall total cost on a new product.

Our Product is Accuracy. We offer our clients support from prototype to production.
We provide our clients with 100% accurate products the first time. No need for wasted time and money.
Our clients love our thermoforming support. We can glue, seal and trim your thermoformed product all in-house.
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