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Complete Thermoforming & Engineering Services

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Plastic Thermoforming

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Quality issues. Design fumbles. Lengthy timelines. Missed deadlines. Poor performance. Cost overruns. Nonsustainable solutions. Limited options. Broken promises. You can’t afford to let your project get derailed. You need the reliability that Owings Patterns is known for.

The Precision & Predictability You Need.

Get complete design, engineering, tooling and plastic fabrication services, all in-house, all right here. It’s why some of the biggest global brands in industry partner with Owings Patterns. Our TruRapid Solution moves your project faster and more efficiently from planning and design engineering through tooling and final production of your product.

Custom Product Tooling

Get molds that are 100% accurate to your product with our in-house engineers and advanced software. Your tooling can be created out of a wide variety of materials with complete precision. Let us help you find the product that best suits your needs. We’re your best source for tooling design and development needs.

Custom Plastic Thermoforming

Take your product from prototype to production faster with custom plastic thermoforming. We can thermoform large and small products for short and long run production periods. We also offer secondary services for thermoforming products.

Product Design & Prototyping

Whether you already have a design for your product or just an idea, our engineers work directly with you every step of the way. We can turn your napkin sketch into a fully functioning product.

Custom Packaging

Your product needs to be safe and secure while looking great on display. We have decades of experience in giving your product the shelf appeal it deserves while keeping it secure in any environment. Get tight, precise packaging with the aesthetic appeal you need.

A Global Footprint.

Centrally located near Louisville, Kentucky, we supply the largest industries in the world with tooling, thermoforming and packaging solutions. Our work encompasses the automotive, appliance, food and beverage and recreational industries and more.

Our TruRapid Solution is a time-tested process for taking you quickly from initial meeting to a finished product with ease. From planning and design engineering to tooling and refinement, our product is precision. We communicate clearly and continually, make real-time adjustments to ensure true precision, and meet the tightest deadlines.

Need Experience? Let Us Reassure You.

Decades of Industry Leadership.

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers.

Thousands of Projects Completed.

Millions of Parts and Packages Created.

A Proven Process


We define the scope of your project, from objectives and materials to engineering criteria and resources required.


Our seasoned in-house engineers work on designs and prototypes, with a focus on communication and clarity.


Because precision is our passion, we refine and test down to the smallest detail, to ensure 100% accuracy.


We precision-craft the tools you need for your process, and execute production on time and on budget.

Precision Thermoformed Parts

Owings Patterns offers complete plastic fabrication services. We can take your idea from a sketch on a napkin to a fully functioning product in just 4 weeks — all in-house.

It begins with superior tooling design. Our design engineers work closely with you to ensure a completely accurate high-quality finished product the first time around. Accuracy is our specialty.

Once our engineers have completed your mold, we move out into our machining facility. Our facility houses:

  • CNC Vertical Machining Centers (3)
  • 3 Axis CNC Router
  • 5 Axis CNC Routers / Part Trimmers (8)
  • MAAC – Three Station Rotary Thermoformer
  • MAAC – Single Station Thermoformer (4)
  • Sencorp 2200 Inline Thermoformer (2)

Once your part has been thermoformed, if needed, we can provide any secondary services and support your part may need. We can seal, glue and trim any plastic part.

Contact Owings Patterns today if you have any questions about thermoforming. Our TruRapid Solution makes the process simple.