Plastic Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is an affordable plastic shaping solution. It begins with heating a sheet of plastic. The heated sheet is then draped over a mold in the shape of the product that is to be formed.

Once the heated sheet is placed over the male or female mold, vacuum pressure is applied between the two, pulling the plastic down to take the exact shape of the mold. After the heated sheet cools on the mold, it will hold the shape.

Once the plastic is cooled in the proper shape, we can trim the new plastic product with 100% accuracy using our CNC trimming machines. Trimming with CNC machines allows Owings Patterns to deliver consistent products over long or short production runs.

Why Choose Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a less expensive option compared to injection molding and other forming processes. It can also get products to market at a faster pace. The benefits of vacuum forming are low tooling cost and quicker product prototyping.