Thermoformed Packaging

Blister packaging is preformed plastic package that’s usually thermoformed. Blister packaging mainly consists of a thermoformed clear plastic front that displays the product and a cardboard back that promotes the brand and its benefits and keeps the product in the plastic front.

The clear plastic front and cardboard back are typically designed to form a tamper proof package. Blister packages are most commonly used for consumer goods, food and pharmaceutical products. Owings Patterns can custom create a blister package that accents your specific product with security in mind, including concept, design, tooling, prototyping and production of small to medium runs.

Custom clamshell packaging can make your product stand out from your competitors on the shelf. Clamshell designs enable your product to be clearly visible while being completely secured at the same time.

Custom thermoformed clamshells are typically clear plastic with a cardboard insert with information about the product and your company. These packages are mostly used for consumer goods, medical packages and in the food industry.

Owings Patterns can custom create clamshell packaging that accents your specific product with security in mind, including concept, design, tooling, prototyping and production of small to medium runs.

Dunnage is material used to protect an item during shipping or transportation. Dunnage can be loose material used to support the product from moving during shipment, or it can be a custom thermoformed tray that is designed to fit a product perfectly.

Custom thermoformed dunnage can be made to fit just about any size item. From small electronics components to large automotive parts, Owings Patterns can handle your custom thermoformed dunnage tray from concept to completion.

Our engineers can create your dunnage using your current CAD design, or we can create the CAD design for you. With the CAD files in hand, we create the tooling for your dunnage in our in-house tooling department. Once the tooling is complete and 100% accurate, we can put your custom dunnage into production.

Owings Patterns team can design inserts and customized components for new or existing dunnage products that you may have to secure your product.

Electronics packaging is an extremely important aspect of all electronics. When designing custom electronics packaging, we consider both product display and product protection; we know your electronics item has to look good on the shelf and be protected during packaging, shipping and shelving.

Our engineers can use your current CAD files of your product to design the tooling required for your thermoformed electronics packaging. If you don’t have CAD files for your product, we can create them from an existing product.

At Owings Patterns, our engineering team can take you from prototyping to production to market — with 100% accuracy — in just a few weeks.

Packaging for the food and beverage industry is similar to other packaging except it requires food grade materials. Owings Patterns is uniquely equipped for design, prototyping and production for the food packaging industry. Our engineering team can take you from prototyping to production to market — with 100% accuracy — in just a few weeks.

The medical packaging industry is always. At Owings Patterns, our experience, versatility and flexibility during the design stage makes us the perfect match for the medical packaging industry. Medical packaging requires consideration of several concerns; security, product accuracy, safety as well product information.

Our engineers are capable of making changes to existing designs and tooling that are used in thermoforming medical packaging — saving you money regardless of tooling budgets. Designing our own CAD files in-house, we can take your medical product package from prototype to production in less time, under budget with 100% accuracy — all in our facility. We can also control the environment in which your packaging is made — a critical factor in the medical packaging industry.

Retail packaging has to be both functional and appealing. Consumer goods such as electronics, health and beauty products and sporting goods products need to arrive at the stores safe and undamaged — but they also have to look good on the shelf when sitting next to its competitor.

Whether you are need to reach a B2B or B2C market, Owings Patterns can help design a custom retail package that is secure and functional while making your product stand out. Our engineering team has the expertise to address marketing concerns and considerations while also making the packaging practical and cost effective.

From concept to completion, Owings Patterns can complete the entire design and production process in-house. Our on-staff engineers will create custom CAD files for each individual product you have. When the concept and drawings are approved, we move to prototype tooling that will be needed to thermoform your packaging so we can move into production faster. Once the tooling has been machined to 100% accuracy, we can begin producing your packaging in short order runs or create as many as you need.

Thermoformed plastic trays are used in a wide array of industries and are built for different applications. Plastic trays can be built for shipping or dunnage, material handling, food or retail packaging and just plain drip trays.

Owings Patterns can custom thermoform a plastic tray that is disposable or reusable, a tray that is chemical resistant or impact resistant. Whatever your needs are for a thermoformed tray, we have the experience to get it from prototype to production.